Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Rowan Blossom

Rowan blossom(2001) : acrylic paints,stitching and beads on linen (50x40cm)


 Blossom on a 100 year old rowan tree in a suburban garden.

as above

Rowan tree in natural habitat, Sma' Glen, Glen Almond, Central Scotland.

Wild  rowan , Sma' Glen, Glen Almond, Central Scotland.
Rowan tree images by Margaret

The name rowan may be derived from the old Norse word ruan.
In Gaelic rowan is coarann or Rudha-an, meaning  "the red one",possibly because of it's autumnal
red berries and foliage.

Sometimes called the mountain ash, the rowan is common in the British Isles and frequently grows high on mountain
 sides,sometimes clinging to a rock face after a seed has germinated in a crack between rocks.In ancient times rowan trees were planted in gardens and churchyards to ward off evil spirits.Today people still plant these trees in their gardens as a symbol of protection and good luck. I hope my artwork  also brings good energy to it's surroundings.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast - The Universe within and without.
 Textile wall hanging : assorted  fabrics,paint ,gold stitching beads and sequins.


Bleeding Heart,or Lady in a Bath  :  Dicentra Spectabilis.

Beauty in the picture gallery of the Beast's  castle.
This illustration is from one of my favourite childhood books.

Now displayed in it's present home in Australia : photo by owner.

The idea to make this wall hanging came after seeing the Disney film in the late 1990's. The red and white connects
 with the book illustration,the star systems link us to the universe, and the heart to love,the healer.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Wesak Moon

Wesak moon over Tuscany : acrylic on callico (30 x 30cm)
Photo Morelle Smith

I made this small wall hanging for my friend Morelle's birthday, which fell on the Wesak moon 2001,
the  first full moon in May.
Wesak is a Buddhist festival which is celebrated yearly at this time.

Full moon last night around midnight ,seen through cloud,behind a sycamore tree.

Madonna del Parto by Piero della Francesca : Museo della Madonna del Parto,Monterchi.
Image courtesy Wikipedia.

Farm buildings and landscape : Monerchi.village.

Ancient olive trees and buttercup fields near Arezzo.

Hill top wild flower meadow,wild orchids,thyme and buttercups : Alpi di Poti .

The orchid is Orchis morio.This information is given by fellow blogger  Henk who is a nature photographer and poet.

Insiration for the artwork came from a visit I made to Tuscany some years earlier.Over the period of the Wesak moon
we stayed in an old hunting lodge on Alpi di Poti above Arezzo.On the eve of the full moon we visited the nearby village
of Monterchi to see Piero's beautiful Madonna del Parto and on our return to the inn we were greeted by the most spectacular moon which bathed the our surroundings and the valley below in exquisite moonlight.

Friday, 13 May 2011

Bluebell Woods

Bluebells (wild hyacinths) in birch woods,Strathearn,Central Scotland.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Beltane - May Day


Beltane is the Celtic  May Day,one of the old quarter-days marking  the cycle of the seasons
and the agricultural year.Washing one's face in the May morning dew was said to beautify
the complexion. In ancient Rome it was the festival Floralia dedicated to Flora,goddess of flowers.

This May Day morning my garden is filled with  sunlight and birdsong, and the heady scent of lilac and laburnum.



The lush Spring foliage provides perfect cover for a blackbird's nest.

Pathways used by nocturnal visitors : foxes,hedgehogs and neighbourhood cats.

Another  wildlife pathway. The beautiful and fragile Welsh poppy bursts into bloom under a rosemary bush.
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