Friday, 28 November 2014

Pink Clouds

At dusk, a beautiful pink cloud drifts over the sea

Gulls circle looking for food

Shells and organic debris piled up after high tides

In my studio, I've been drying shells on old newspapers, and see the image of blue water and palm trees beneath.
It's an advertisement for Caribbean holidays.......cold north meets warm south!

Happy Weekend!

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Friday, 17 October 2014

Reflections - and an Apricot Heart

Wave patterns on shells 

An apricot coloured heart emerges from the waves

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Friday, 26 September 2014

Sleeping Giants

Tom and the sleeping giant  -  fairy tale illustration circa 1910

While dog walking on the beach I often come across these seaweed covered stones, looking like
sleeping giants buried in the sand with only the tops of their green hairy heads visible.

Further along the shore, hairstyles change  ......... the tiny sand mounds are lugworm casts

A small stream wends it's way to the sea

..............  and blue sky is reflected on calm water

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Monday, 15 September 2014

The Grand House - Part 2

Driveway leading to the stables

The stable block was probably built about 1800, around the same time as the house.

In the courtyard a decapitated swan stands above a clock on which time stands still.

Below is a stone relief of two griffons holding an urn.

The mythological theme continues on the courtyard walls.

These Goddesses probably represent Health,Science,Harvest and Art.


Outside the old surrounding wall a woodland path leads to the Lily Pond

Late afternoon sun filters through the trees and blue skies are reflected on the lily pond.

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Monday, 8 September 2014

The Grand House - Part 1

Driving along this coastal road in East Lothian, it's impossible to tell what lies behind the old wall
shielding stunted wind blasted trees.

The gate house  -  today is open day so we are invited to drive through the front gates!

This part neoclassical, part Victorian mansion, set in mature woodlands is privately owned and is open
for only a few days every year. However by purchasing a permit, anyone can walk around the estate lakes
and woodland throughout the year.

In past times formal flower gardens in front of the house were accessed via the terrace.

The building was originally designed by Robert Adam and built around 1800.
Decorative lions,swans,urns and sphinxes are in evidence everywhere.

This bored looking lion is one of a pair guarding gates to the main entrance below.

The principal entrance

Sorry I can't show the interior and large collections of paintings.
As is so often the case, no photography is allowed indoors.

On the other side,the original main entrance where guests would have alighted from carriages.

Directly above, a swan stands on a crown, supported by lions and flanked by two sphinxes.

Sphinx  -  half woman and half lion.

The woodlands contain a variety of trees, both old and young.

Forestry vehicles lurk in the woods like something from the film Avatar.

Next post  -  the stables and lily pond  ...........

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