Thursday, 18 February 2016

The Ivy Leaf

After a storm  -  tyre tracks and a single ivy leaf on the beach.

Ivy, reaching for the sky.

Ivy flowers and berries.

Back on the beach, we meet a lady called Petal, furiously digging a hole.
In her lilac party bow she looks rather overdressed for the job!

A passer-by thinks she may have unearthed something interesting.

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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Shades of Brown

Inspired by Laura's wintry browns on her blog ........  HERE  .

I decide to look around my garden,in hidden corners,under trees and bushes.
After three months of almost daily rain, at first glance the decaying vegetation appears
to be grey and soggy, but on closer inspection, an array of shades appear.

Life scars on birch bark.

Holly - Horse Chestnut - Elm - Sycamore - Oak.


Sycamore - Beech - Birch - Conifer

Blackbirds begin to sing at dusk.
We have some time to go......... but Spring is on it way!

First crocuses

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