Friday, 22 November 2013

Late Autumn Skies at Twilight

Photo by Margaret

In late afternoon, as we move towards winter, the pale pink and lemon yellow skies of
 early autumn have now changed to red and orange.

At this time of day, a stillness descends,which I find very conducive to reading
and reflection  -  when time allows!

Some trees, like this silver birch, still retain their autumn foliage.

Late afternoon  landscape with teasel plants  -   near Galashiels
Photo by my writer friend  Morelle Smith  -  see her blog  Rivertrain   HERE

Morelle's latest book, Tirana Papers - An Albanian Journal, has just been published.
It's a first hand account of living in Albania in the aftermath of oppressive communism
and ensuing chaos.  You can read an excerpt  HERE.

available on Amazon

Swans at twilight.

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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Boathouse

    Walking in the grounds of a country estate near Edinburgh.

    Late afternoon sun showers golden light on the land.

    The grand house and landscaped grounds were designed in the late 1700s.
    At present the house is not open to the public.

The curling house used to store equipment.

This man made pond,curling house and boat house were probably constructed in the early 1800s.

    Until about fifty years ago ponds often froze over in winter and curling was a popular winter activity.

  Curling at Eglinton Castle,Ayrshire ,Scotland  - 1860.
  The curling house is on the left of the picture.

  The boathouse reminds me of a dream portal  -  guarded on either side by two
  now decapitated stone lions.

  The Voyage of the Dreamer  -  oil painting on canvas by Meg Watson (1950-2002)

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Curling at Eglinton Castle - image source Wikipedia
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