Monday, 27 June 2016

Time Travellers - Part 1

One windy day last week a friend and I set out to visit the ruined medieval castle at Crichton a few miles south of Edinburgh.
On the way we stopped off to look at Borthwick Castle and happened on this
part 19th century, part medieval church which had originally been built
as the private place of worship for the Borthwick family.

The church was burnt down in 1755 and not rebuilt until 1864.

Grave stones date from medieval times to the present day.
Many different types of conifer appear to have been planted over the years,
some possibly from the time of rebuilding.

This part at the rear of the church looks original medieval.

Despite its medieval and Victorian origins there is an intense sense of being in the 1700s.....
and an incredible feeling of peace everywhere.

15th century carvings incorporated in the new building.

Top left is the cross of the Templar Knights.
Their past presence features strongly in the area and up the east coast of Scotland.

Adjacent Borthwick Castle, owned by the same family since 1430, is now a private luxury hotel.
You can view the splendid interiors  .....  HERE


Next post..........we finally reach ruined Castle Crichton.

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