Sunday, 27 July 2014

Royal Hunting Lodge - Part 1

The cushion was made by a local embroidery group

We are visiting the ancient royal hunting lodge at Traquair, set in the beautiful countryside
thirty miles south of Edinburgh.

The Leithen Water flows gently by, as it has done for centuries, on it's way to
join the River Tweed.

The Bear Gates

These old entrance gates were closed in 1745 at the time of the Jacobite uprising. Bonnie Prince Charlie visited here during this time
and on his departure the laird ordered the gates to be closed until a Stuart was again on the British throne    -    they remain closed. 

The old driveway ceased to be used, and a new one built on the right behind the trees.

It's hunting days over, a horse stands among fruit trees in the walled garden.

To be continued ............

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