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Hygieia's Temple

Hygieia goddess of health, stands in her circular Greek style temple beside
the Water of Leith in central Edinburgh.

This statue commissioned around 1888, replaced the original version (below).

The temple was designed in 1789 by the landscape painter Alexander Nasmyth
as a pump room for the mineral well known as St. Bernard's Well.
The building is in coade stone supported by ten doric columns.

The well water was said to have medicinal properties and became popular with rich people
who gathered here to partake of the healing elixir!

The building is reached via a public footpath close to St. Bernard's Bridge.

Not my dog.......although I did find out his name was Louis!

There's a rural feel about the place and it's quite easy to forget we are in the city.

In the 1790's this estate,which bordered the newly built classical New Town, was bought
by the celebrated portrait painter Sir Henry Raeburn.
Raeburn lived in a mansion called St Bernard's on the north side of the river.
The house was demolished shortly after his death in 1823 to make way for the buildings above.

The development at street level.

St. Bernard's Bridge is accessed from the left of the picture.

Dr James Hutton (1726-1816) - doctor,geologist, and experimental agriculturalist.
He is accredited with being the first scientist to consider the earth to be alive.

Portrait by Henry Raeburn.

Writer Elizabeth Hamilton (1756-1816) by Henry Raeburn.

Fiddler and bard Neil Gow  (1727-1807) by Henry Raeburn.

Entrance to the old market place.

In a nearby shop window,Nipper the dog listens to his master's voice.
Creating healing vibrations of a different sort the gramophone
 brought music into the homes of millions.

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Raeburn portraits and temple engraving - image source Wikipedia.


sharon said...

wonderful wonderful thanks for the tour

dritanje said...

Ah, lovely Hygeia with her pitcher and snake wrapped around it. It looks as though in the earlier version of her statue, there was no urn and snake so I'm very glad that was included. And of course she was one of the daughters of Asklepios. Such good memories of when I used to live there and often walked along by the river. Brilliant images of the Raeburn paintings too.
M xx

tattina said...

I have enjoyed the tour. It was a real journey to the old times.

A wondering star said...

I love to see the pictures of historic temples, buildings and surroundings!
What a great Greek Goddess!
I learned something from you today.
Thanks for sharing
Jorunn with smile

Ramakrishnan said...

Wonderful place to relax & rejuvenate. The place is lovely & green and set amongst sylvan surroundings - has a calming & soothing effect.Thanks for sharing.

biebkriebels said...

A lovely post to give us a tour around Edenburgh. As a child I went to a school which was situated at the "Hygieia square", never knew what that was, could not even pronounce it then. But know I do!

GlorV1 said...

Oh thank you so much for all these great photos of such a beautiful place. Wonderful tour and felt I was there and could almost hear that water flowing. Very nice post. Thank you.

cosmos said...

This is a kind of place I'd like to wander and explore.
I wonder what and why Elizabeth in her portrait was fiddling at with her beautiful fingers, a ring?
"Nipper the dog" is familiar here as well since some Japanese company used that logo. By the way, my cat sometimes takes that pose as showed in my icon. Maybe he is listening to my voice.
Have a lovely day, Ruby.

Victoria said...

Wow..gorgeous the statue of beautiful..and such sweet dogs( both)..thanks for sharing such beautiful sceneries and wonderful the paintings too..very atmospheric! I have enjoyed my adventure here today..shine on and bright blessings!

DeniseinVA said...

That was so very interesting, loved all the photos and such interesting history. Thanks so much :) Denise

sarah said...

It's very interesting for me that the well's water have medicinal properties.It's possible because of so beautiful,clear view.
Have a nice week!

Palomasea said...

A fascinating and beautiful tour, dear Ruby...thank you!!

I wish you a splendid and creative week... :)
Hugs and blessings,
- Irina

stardust said...

Hello, Ruby! This is the place I’d like to leisurely stroll around. Sitting by the stream to be tuned into the nature would be wonderful.

Hygieia goddess of health would be equivalent to our Bhaisajyaguru, or Buddha of Healing, who has a pot of medicine which cure all the diseases, physical, mental, and social. What does Hygieia hold in her right hand?

I feel nostalgia, because the first B&W TV set of my maiden family came from Victor Company (of Japan) which used “Master’s voice” logo. The ceramic statue of Nipper listening to the gramophone was displayed on our TV set.


stardust said...

Excuse me, "His Master's Voice" logo.

Joop Zand said...

Thats a lovely show us very nice place and photo's..... thanks.

i appreciate your comment on my blog.

Greetings, Joop

Vilt og vakkert said...

Oh, I didn´t see this pavilion when I visited Edinburgh, a lovely place....

Jeanne said...

This looks like such and idylllic and peaceful spot. Lovely post!

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