Sunday, 25 March 2012

Castle by the River

Photos taken in May 2011.

Neidpath Castle perches on a steep hillside,overlooking the River Tweed and wooded countryside beyond.
Built 14th century on the site of an earlier fortification,it has remained in the possession of the same family since the late 1600s when it was purchased by the Duke of Queensberry and given to his son William Douglas,1st earl of March.Today it's managed by the Weymss and March estates and rented out for functions,weddings,dinners, parties,musical evenings,fairs and as a location for films such as  Braveheart and Merlin. The area is steeped  in mystery and folklore.One of Merlin's possible places of death and burial lies a few miles up river at Drumelzier.


Castle entrance

Medieval dancers : image source Wikipedia.

Today,the tradition of feasting and dancing continues within the castle walls.

The castle is seldom open to the public and the austere exterior of the building gives little clue to it's interesting interior HERE.
The resident ghost is said to be Jean Douglas the "Maid of Neidpath" 
who died of a broken heart,late 17th century, and is now doomed to wander the castle for eternity
 (or until some kind person moves her spirit on!)

"The Troubadours" by our friend ,Scots/Canadian artist Meg Watson (1950-2002)
Photo by  Morelle Smith

Troubadours were medieval musicians and performers.
The tradition probably began in Southern Europe around the 11th century.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest : acrylic on canvas (180cm x 120cm)

The painting does not depict any particular forest. It's a combination of elements,woods I have known,
past,present and imaginary.



Woods around Neidpath Castle, River Tweed valley,Scottish Borders.
Photo taken May 2011

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