Monday, 10 December 2012

Dreaming with Hypnos

Hypnos - Ancient Greek God of Sleep : Painted plaster,life size.
This is the origin of the word hypnosis.

I made this sculpture (or rather he made himself known to me!)  in the 90s while attending a dream sharing group.Wings sprout from his head,and in my depiction the dream bird actually flies through his head.He sends people to sleep by touching their forehead with his wand or fanning them with his dark wings.

For some years he has lived in our guest room. During this time only one person has said they found him scary,and everyone remarks on having slept soundly.

In northern countries the natural world is winding down for the winter months.
Plants are asleep beneath a carpet of decomposing vegetation.

Photo by Margaret

Leaves have left the trees and we can now admire the beauty of spidery dark branches.

Photo by Margaret

Photo by Margaret

Photo by Margaret

Cock Pheasant in a suburban garden.

My Winter Flowering Jasmine has other ideas!

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