Friday, 20 February 2015

Patterns - and a Spanish Doubloon

Abstract patterns ..... sand ....... sea ......  sky ........ clouds...... reflections on water 

Angelic figures?

Princess, Maddy and Poppy

Princess is a West Highland White Terrier.
Her ancestors,it's believed, arrived in Scotland in 1588,when a ship of the defeated Spanish Armada

was wrecked in a storm near the island of Skye while fleeing from the English Navy.
The dogs are thought to have been used as rat catchers on the ships.
Princess is very interested in rodents........especially squirrels!

Painting by Andrew Spratt   -   Spanish galleon at  TANTALLON CASTLE

I found this golden "Spanish Doubloon" in the garden a few days ago,possibly thrown over the wall
 by a it a piece from a board game.......
or a pirate dressing up set?

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