Friday, 31 August 2012

Rowan Berries

Rowan Berries : Acrylic paints,beads and stitching on linen (75cm x 60cm).


Detail : photos (above) by owner.

Rowan Berries.

Rowan trees in a Community Woodland.

Self seeded trees growing among heather in a Perthshire Glen.

For centuries Rowan Trees have been planted in gardens as symbols of good luck.

The semi-circular mound in the background is the remains of Fendoch Roman Fort 
dating from around  90 A.D.


Ruthie Redden said...

How beautiful, i ove the colour & the detail you have used here. I was out taking photos of rowan trees yesterday, they looked amazing with the sun on them.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

The colors and your amazing techniques in this art medium beautifully translate the many nuances of reds/oranges and even pinks in the Rowan Berries.

Where does this gorgeous piece hang, Ruby? Wherever it is, surely it is the focal point of the room.


sharon said...

wonderful art!!!! impressed

This is Belgium said...

great interpretation of these trees
I did not know they were symbol of good luch
we have a tiny one in our back yard, will treasure it from now on

cosmos said...

Hi Ruby,
I understand why rowan trees have been favored as symbols of good luck. Their bright berries seem like they have a power to ward off evil spirits. The various red shades you created look lively yet not too strong and make me feel protected and reassured.
I like rowan trees with red berries and with beautiful autumn leaves as well.
Have a nice week ahead, Ruby.

stardust said...

Rowan berries are enchantingly beautiful, so is your work of art, Ruby. Your technique is exquisite as always. In Japan, red is the color of happiness and good luck and red berries are associated with the New Year. I like rowan’s white clusters of flowers and autumn foliage as well. I’m amazed with such an ancient remains back in 90 A.D.


snowwhite said...

Hi Ruby,
How beautifully you depicted Rowan berries! Your art work reminds me of glorious autumn leaves which I am waiting for very much! If you come to Japan, you will be surprised to see there are so many red objects because of the reasons mentioned by cosmos and stardust.
We also see prosperity in a number of berries.
I especially love fabulous colors in your art, so graceful!
Have a wonderful week.

Palomasea said...

I love Rowan berries (many childhood sees these beauties depicted in much of Russian folk art).
Dear Ruby, your work of art is outstanding! Just gorgeous...the colors are so rich, and really love the texture.
So glad to see your message at my place...thank you!
I hope to organize myself a bit, and get going on the painting I spoke of in the next few days. I hope it will turn out well...and I will post as soon as I finish it...
Thank you for your kind encouragement!
Blessings and wishes for a lovely week,
- Irina

sarah said...

Hi Ruby
The shade of red in your work is very lovely. I didn't know rowanberry make such beautiful color. Autumn takes rowanberry. Your work reminded me autumn.Thank you!
Have a nice week ahead!

Palomasea said...

So glad to see your message, dear Ruby!
I agree with you of the thrills of blogging is having the honor of learning about our precious fellow human beings all over the world.
Just wonderful!
Wishes to you for a very lovely weekend,
- Irina

rebecca said...

the beauty of this tugs at my heart...

Forest Dream Weaver said...

Genie,it hangs in a study where it catches the light as it moves and changes throughout the day......difficult to capture in a photo!

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments.
Enjoy your week!


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