Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Fairy Hill

Sma' Glen, Perthshire, Central Scotland

These photos were taken one afternoon a few weeks ago while driving through the Sma' Glen
 and Glen Quaich, then over a small hill road to Loch Tay.

Entering Glen Quaich,a small wild glen about five miles long.

Loch Freuchie

The River Quaich at the point where we take the road over the hills.

This steep and narrow hill road is closed in the winter months.

Mist gathering on the hill tops. The road on the far hillside is used by farmers and shooting parties.

On the windswept hilltop,our first view of Schiehallion - the pointed mountain in the distance.

The Gaelic name is Sidh Chailleann - The Fairy Hill.

Scots Thistle

City dog Maddy looking slightly out of her comfort zone.

On the other side the landscape becomes softer,and the sun emerges,as the road descends

 towards Kenmore on the shore of Loch Tay.


Red Rose. said...

Looks like an absolutely gorgeous place to walk and drive. I never tire of seeing green woods, lakes and mountains with flowers.I like your scots thistle and goats too!
Enjoy your weekend!


Scots Thistle

sharon said...

Amazing!reminds me of Monarch on the glen....When I was young I didnt think Scotland had anything but highland meadows.....the lake lt looks like the one in the show....I can just feel the damp cold chill and picture QE2 sitting by the fireplace in her wool sweater...

Charlotte said...

Gorgeous walking, I wanted to take every step with you. I love the velvety impression that the hills have as they slide away from you.

In answer to your question on the woods in Notts. The British Trust for Nature Conservation and the Woodland Trust seem to operate them. They sell the charcoal through the reserve shops as barbecue fuel. I love the way they move them around, my son uses them as reference points and gets very annoyed at their mobility.

Lynn said...

Oh my goodness. This is so beautiful. I particularly love that picture of Schiehallion with the blue-white distance, browny green middle, and pink-purple foreground.

Thank you for sharing your trip with us.

stardust said...

Seen from the color of the grass, season seems to have advanced much faster than
ours. “Loch”, “glen” ... I’ve gotten familiar with Scottish words as I visit this blog. Is shooting profession or for hobby? I don’t like to imagine the sound of shot echoes around such a beautiful place. The name “Fairy Hills” perfectly fits this area. The landscape is different, but there is some similar atmosphere with Japanese countryside on the highlands. I think I’ve seen the scene like the eights image. I really enjoyed this drive with you, Ruby.


R.Ramakrishnan said...

Hi Ruby
Thanks for sharing these lovely and spectacular landscapes. Gives one a feeling of tranquility and serenity. The Scots thistle and Maddy are bothy awesome.


Forest Dream Weaver said...

Yoko.......grouse and deer shooting,once solely a "sport" of the aristocracy is now frequently a money making venture,shooting parties being composed of folks who can afford it.The grouse season begins on 12th August and continues for about three months.

Forest Dream Weaver said...

And I forgot to add,a loch is a lake and a glen a narrow valley with a river flowing through.

stardust said...

Thank you, Ruby, for the reply and explanation. I hope Grouses and Deer would survive during the hunting season as many as possible. I don’t know what species of Grouse at Fairy Hills, our Japanese Snow Grouse is endangered species. At Mt. Tateyama, the bird has been protected as the messenger of God.

When I learned “loch” for the firs time, it was from the “Loch Ness Monster”, and “glen” from Danny Boy’s lyrics ...”the pipes are calling from glen to glen.” I like to encounter these Scottish words at this blog. One of the things I like to visit here is Scottish feel. Your post often makes me feel how excitingly different in appearance but how comfortingly similar in atmosphere at the same time. Have a nice weekend.


Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Ruby, what a stunning tour of this vibrant terrain. I started to pick a favorite but could not. The variety of colors and hues makes me think of your lovely art form and knowing now a bit of your inspiration.


sarah said...

What a beautiful view like its name,fairy. The surface of the hill looks like green velvet soothly. And violet flowers or light green ground look like a design on the canvas. Beautiful season!
Thank you for the lovely tour!

Sciarada said...

Ciao my dear Ruby, these are great places in which we can play our part magic!
Smiling day!

snowwhite said...

These landscapes look me so exotic! To me, mountains and hills are ones covered with forests or trees. But, how soothing and nostalgic they are!! Beautiful!

In many areas, hunting is allowed during 3 or 4 month long hunting season in Japan. The deer are safe as long as they are in Nara Park. But once they are out of the Park, they are out of protection and become game animals. I do never understand people who kill animals for fun.
Today is a comfortable autumn day. Outside, insects are beautifully chirping.

cosmos said...

I love those landscapes. Are the white animals with black heads native to Scots?
Am I right in seeing lines stretching near the river or loch? Are they for the animals?
Your pictures make me feel like going Scots all the more. Thank you for sharing, Ruby.

Forest Dream Weaver said...

Cosmos,"Black Faced" sheep are common in Scotland. I'm not sure about the wires,they may be for people and animals,the land there is boggy and possibly dangerous to walk on.

Forest Dream Weaver said...

I'm smiling at the thought or Scotland being exotic Keiko,for me Japan is exotic!

Thank you for your comments.
Happy weekend everyone!


Palomasea said...

Fairy indeed...
This is the landscape of some of the fairy tales in my head! ;)
Thank you for these gorgeous images.
- Irina

Denise said...

I wish I could visit your beautiful land for a few months.I do love it.I also think your painting is very pretty too.Thank you for dropping by for a visit with Me.Denise

dritanje said...

these are tremendous photos I think the 'gathering mist' one has to be my favourite though, with the heather so very colourful - you must have had a great time there!
M xx

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