Sunday, 5 August 2012

John Muir Country Park : Part 2

John Muir in 1907 : image source Wikipedia

 John Muir was born on 21st April 1838 in the town of Dunbar in East Lothian. In 1849 his father,a local grain dealer,decided to emigrate with his family to America where John with his parents and seven siblings settled on a farm in Wisconsin. He never returned to Scotland.

 Throughout his life he was a man of many talents,farmer,botanist,geologist,explorer,mountaineer,nature conservationist and writer. Today the effects of his pioneering environmental and conservation work continue in the creation of National Parks and Conservation Areas around the world.This Country Park is close to his childhood home and it's very possible that as a boy he explored the beaches I visited.

Writing about his childhood years he said, "When I was a boy in Scotland I was fond of everything that was wild.I loved to wander in the fields to hear the birds sing,and along the shore to gaze and wonder at the shells and the seaweeds,eels and crabs in the pools when the tide was low".

Woodland path

Maddy and Louis.......... ready to go!

Oak sapling

Scots Pine canopy

Louis on the Coastal Path

River Tyne ,Dunbar is on the far side of the estuary.
The rocks in this area is of great interest to geologists.

North Sea

Bracken and Brambles (Blackberries)

Wild Rhododendrons

Potato field outside the Park.

The countryside around Dunbar is rich arable farmland well suited for growing grain
 such as barley,wheat and oats.

 Below are some views of the East Lothian landscape.  

Potato plants in bloom


Charlotte said...

What a lovely walk, no wonder he remembered the wild places of his youth. The beach looks fascinating, a whole history of the area under your feet.

I hope our mad weather is not damaging your wild areas too much, thanks for the walk through your walk.

fashion meets art said...

wonderful pictures. i love the nature, you've made fantastic photography!
the two dogs are so cute <3
lovely greets
maren anita

Can I invite you to my GIVEAWAY ???:

*dogeared heart necklace*


Red Rose. said...

Fantastic photos! I see how your great creativity always comes from your surroundings.The blue sea and beach, various colorful rocks and green woods are catching my eyes!Maddy and Louis are enjoying the sea too,which makes me smile.

Have a good week,Ruby.

biebkriebels said...

It is so nice you take us on your walk through the park. The North Sea looks so different as at our side, we don't have rocks on the shore only sand.

biebkriebels said...

I read that the exhibition about the Vikings also will come in Edinburgh, it will make a tour just like the one of the Terracotta army. It is here until October 28, so maybe you're country is next. I think you will like it too, there are amazing things to see.
Bye, Marianne

sarah said...

Greens are so beautiful as usual.And the topography in the seashore is rare and interesting.
North sea looks like a little bit cold. We are in the hottest time in a year. The temperature is at 35degree Celsius. But It's 17 degree Celsius in London ,according to Olympic news. Maybe your place is,too. So cool!
Thank you for a nice tour.

Patrycja Photography said...

A wonderful blog! I really like it.
Have a nice evening!
+ I also invite you to me

"Do not give up on dreams, you never know when need be."

louciao said...

What a beautiful place to wander, linger, look, and just be. I feel refreshed, just looking at your photos. Forest, beach, blue skies, blackberries and potato fields--you've got it all! Oh yes, and fine furry friends.

stardust said...

Sighs in contentment! Though I was a city girl, I really liked spending at my grandparents’ where I could be wild. I’d like to wander around the place in person even without camera just to enjoy the wonder of nature or to contemplate at the shore. All your photos are breathtaking. Thanks for sharing, Ruby.


cosmos said...

Looks like a wonderful place to wander around and wonder at. It's easy to imagine that it was a starting point of John Muir's fascination with nature. I wonder how long it has taken for the patterns to be created by the waves like that.

Do you have eels still now by the way? Do you eat them? They are favorite food for some of us but there is a scarcity of them now.

snowwhite said...

Another excellent blog!! Ruby, I have seen a lot of marvelous photos from your place. Now I am sure they are part of the sources of your never ending inspiration and creativity!!
I hope someday I will see the sea and the fields and more in person.

Forest Dream Weaver said...

Cosmos,I'm told by my son who is a scuba diver and knows the area well that eels still visit the estuary.In past times they would no doubt have been caught for food but as a different type of net is required to capture them they are not trapped in regular fishing nets.Fishing boats do go out in this area but far fewer than before.And yes,eels are eaten here,most often in London and East Anglia.

Palomasea said...

Dear Ruby...every photo is breathtaking! What beauty...I would want to paint all of it!! :)
(I might try a picture or two actually)
Thank you!!
And I loved seeing your message...thank you for that too :))
Those pups are enjoying themselves so! I can imagine the freshness of that air...
- Irina

dritanje said...

All the photos are great - you've caught the geological layers and strata really well - and so good to see the blue sky! Morelle xx

Boris said...

I like to visit the American parks. Now I know who owns the idea of ​​creating them.

olga-rani said...

A very beautiful place! And wonderful photos

Palomasea said...

Coming back for more beauty, dear Ruby!
Thanks so much for visiting...and I will post the painting..and link to you...
(I plan to begin this week)
- Irina

Forest Dream Weaver said...

Thank you for your comments.

Enjoy your week everyone!

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