Sunday, 22 April 2012

Some Images for Earth Day

Image by Margaret

Crow in winter landscape,awaiting the sunrise.

Morning sky

Tree shape formed by tidal action on sand and coal particles : Longniddry beach.

Ground beneath a Douglas Fir : fallen cones,bark and needles : Dawyck Arboretum.

Bark patterns : Douglas Fir

Bark patterns : Scots Pine

Canada Goose feathers

Wave patterns : North Sea

Reflections : Duck pond,Botanic Gardens,Edinburgh


Summer wild flowers : clover and buttercups

Image by Margaret

Bumble-bee collecting pollen on a delphinium flower.

Bumble-bee numbers are dwindling and Wild bees need our help.


Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Nice! Happy Earth Day!

louciao said...

No artist can hold a candle to Mother Nature's palette, patterns, and designs. Lovely celebrations of the earth you have shared here.

My friend and neighbour is a bee keeper and it's wonderful to find his bees working away in our yard during the summer. He built a sort of a bee-trailer for them. He had to import the queens from New Zealand and it's quite astounding that the hives survived the harsh Canadian winter. The bee photo by Margaret is like a poster bee (ie. perfection!)

biebkriebels said...

Very nice photos!

Charlotte said...

Beautiful reminder of what we might lose.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

I love the bees and have a friend who rescued a swarm last week. Our area is very aware of the value of bees and of our total dependence. Lovely images, mon amie.


snowwhite said...

Happy Earth Day, here's to Mother Nature!!
Each of photos tells me we do not live alone. I feel even though we do not notice it, all beings are connected with each other.
Your blog is wonderful tribute to Earth.
Ruby, thanks a lot for giving me this morment, thinking about Earth.

cosmos said...

Like louciao says, anything created by nature makes up a great art of its own and every change of season, every change of time produce different shapes, patterns, colors.
Speaking of bees, the critical situation is the same here. I wonder how things turned out.
Happy Earth Day, Ruby.

Deborah Lawrenson said...

As ever, your eye is impeccable, Ruby! I particularly like the gorund beneath the fir tree with the zingy green highlights. Completely agree with your comment on my blog about digital photography - I certainly would never take so many pictures if it were still a question of rationing the frames and taking the film to Boots!

stardust said...

I like this series of photos about the beauties, pulses, or songs of the Earth. All life is connected and they are well balanced as I believe everything under the sun depends on the balance which men might have forgotten to keep as a part of Nature. Thanks for the reminder about our Mother Earth, Ruby. I always wonder what he has in his mind when I see a solitary bird on a high branch like the first photo.. Metaphorically he looks having a lofty aim and keeping himself all the vulgarity around him. Have happy spring days ahead.


dritanje said...

These are just lovely. I didn't know it was earth day. Wonderful the way you catch that crumpled ripple pattern on the wave

sarah said...

Coal appear on the land. There is enough coal,isn't there?
The bumble-bee is collecting pollen very eager with his back had pollen, too. We want to keep our eyes open Nature on the earth. Thank you for giving me think about Earth Day.

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