Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Falling Petals

Falling petals : acrylic on canvas (50x45cm)

Robert Fersusson (1750-1774) : sculpture by David Annand.

The poet Robert Fergusson strides through fallen cherry blossom on his way down
Edinburgh's Royal Mile,close to where he once lived and worked.
Although Fergusson died tragically young at the age of twenty four,his work received
acclaim during his lifetime.
He is buried in the graveyard of Cannongate Kirk .

Cherry trees,Cannongate Kirk - the Fergusson sculpture is on the right.

The church,built in the Dutch style,was founded in 1688. It is the Royal family's local church when
they are in residence at nearby Holyrood Palace and last year it was chosen for the wedding ceremony of the Queen's granddaughter Zara and her husband.

Gean blossom (Wild cherry).

The Wild cherry is native to Europe and western Asia.It's fruit has been used as a food source
 for thousands of years and cherry stones have been found at Bronze Age sites throughout Europe.

The ornamental cherry is said to have arrived in Europe from China and Japan around 200 years ago.


dritanje said...

ah, you have painted petals and fallen petals and unfallen ones - a great collection! Synchronistically, I put up an image of R Ferguson recently, here -http://www.blipfoto.com/entry/1939100
I've been meaning to tell you about blip, you might be interested, as you have a lot of lovely photos.
M xx

snowwhite said...

Oh, great tribute to Sakura! So graceful and so beautiful depiction of Sakura! We admire scattering Sakura as flower blizzard. But, your art reminds me of a merciful spring rain. I feel like bathing in the pale pink rain which softly heels and soothes my soul.
I love every phase of Sakura, but especially I appreciate the falling Sakura. That shows the essence of the beauty in Zen Buddhism.
Have a wonderful week!

cosmos said...

I once knew the poem "Loveliest of Trees, the Cherry Tree" by A.E Houseman and I thought there was some who loved cherry trees so much in the U.K.
What abundant fallen petals! How lovely!
It would be dreaming within those falling petals.
The sculpture of Fergusson is almost likely to step forward.
Have a lovely day, Ruby.

biebkriebels said...

Beautiful pictures of the blossoms. I haven't seen so much yet here, the weather is mostly so wet. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog.
Greetings, Marianne

Virginia said...

So many beautiful photographs you share today. We had these lovely blossoms about a month ago. I'm sad when they're gone!

stardust said...

Ruby, I see falling petals softly and softly fluttering in your work of art. I like cherry blossom best at their last stage when everywhere is dyed in soft pink. I feel we are connected by the same feeling when we see cherry blossoms despite cultural meaning of it. Thanks for sharing all these lovely photos and the information.


sarah said...

Falling petals look like dancing,some colors petals shinning in the light and falling.
They are beautiful!
It's kind that David Annand put Fergusson statue outside and made him feel falling petals.
Have a lovely weekend, Ruby.

louciao said...

The flowering trees are so lovely, and the painting goes perfectly with the cherry blossoms, capturing the floating colours and swirling energy. In my hometown of Vancouver, the streets are lined with cherry blossom trees in many neighbourhoods and it makes such a pretty sight. It's interesting to learn that they grow in Scotland as well (please pardon my ignorance).

Forest Dream Weaver said...

Cherry trees appear to have migrated around the world and adapted to diverse climatic conditions.Thanks to my Japanese blog friends I've learned a lot about Sakura in the past year!

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