Thursday, 12 April 2012

Unpredictable Spring Weather !

Field of rape flowers glowing beside the approach road to the Yellowcraigs beach.

Yesterday afternoon we set out in brilliant sunshine to visit Yellowcraigs beach
 near North Berwick in East Lothian,a journey of about half an hour by car.

Visitors car park.........the puddles are from heavy rain the previous night.

Beyond the woods the sky looks ominously dark.

Findra lighthouse,Yellowcraigs

Dandelions and daisies growing in the sand dunes.

Findra Island 

On the island are the ruins of an old  chapel said to have been dedicated to Saint Nicholas in 1165.
The lighthouse was built in 1885 and automated in the 1970s.


Maddy loves water and as usual she decides to ignore the cold sea and wade in.

As we leave the sky has become dramatically dark blue and overcast,
  we reach the car just as the downpour begins.


Firth of Forth,from the roadside at Port Seton.
Wind and rain,and light breaking through cloud over the Fife hills.


Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Madly is so adorable! Thanks for taking me on this lovely journey. I love the field of rape flowers! Beautiful!

Red Rose. said...

The spacious field of the rape flowers is beautiful! The lighthouse in the distance really catches my eyes. It is so lovely. I am so glad to see that you got out of the down pour, any way! Didn’t Maddy sneeze after his braving the cold sea water? I hope so. Thank you for taking me on your trip
Have a good weekend, Ruby.

stardust said...

Hi, Ruby! You live in such a nice place from where half an hour drive takes you to such a fascinating beach. The vast field of rape blossoms is quite something. How dramatically the weather changed! I can feel the strong wind and hear the sound of the rough waves. Maddy is so lovely and courageous to brave the cold water. Thanks for taking us along with you. Have happy spring days ahead.


biebkriebels said...

I can see you have the same spring weather as we have. Sun, rain, cool, warm. Well it makes it not dull I think. Beautiful pictures you made of the surroundings!

cosmos said...

It was good you barely made it to the car before downpour. Weather is changeable here as well.
The field of rape flowers is so gorgeous.
How lovely Maddy is! She doesn't mind no matter how cold the water is?
Thank you for taking us to the beautiful place with you, Ruby.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Gorgeous scenery and that lighthouse looks like a movie set or a fine painting... I love ther rape flowers and remember them from my trip this time last year to France.


louciao said...

Oh, good timing--to get back to the car just as the rain hit but also to have had the great good fortune to capture those stunningly moody moments of the sky changes. I love the pictures of the lighthouse, and the beach. And Maddy, of course. And the yellow field so full of sunshine. What a wonderful day out.

Virginia said...

Oh Ruby, your photographs of the sea are just marvelous. It's hard to imagine that it's cold but hopefully you will have warmer temps soon and can experience the sea to the fullest!

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your nice comment.
Bon dimanche,

Jenny Woolf said...

What a beautiful place it looks even in bad weather. Today my heart sank to see clouds like that as I was 6 miles from the car on my bike! The downpour was relatively brief and soon it was sunny again. That's April isn't it...

sarah said...

Hi Ruby, What a wide vivid rape flower field it is! Spring has come in your place,hasn't it?
The white lighrhouse adds beauty in the silent sceane of the island.
Maddy is so cute and vigor.
I think from your pictures that you have really great nature.
Enjoy spring!

snowwhite said...

Hello Ruby,
Oh, what a dramatically bumpy day you spent!! I love the magical yellow carpet.
And I want to see the sky changing rapidly. It must have been a spectacular show. The sceneries you captured are amazingly beautiful no matter what conditions they were in.
Have a great day!!

dritanje said...

Lovely pics as ever! That indigo blue sky and clouds is very familiar but you caught it really well. And as for the photo of Maddy - spectacular! It looks as thought she posed deliberately, didn't move a muscle or a curl while you took the pic.
M xx

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