Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Light on Water

Light on Water (2006) : Wall hanging (120x60cm).
Acrylic paint,sequins and crystals on calico.


Photos by Zoe Alexander


Charlotte said...

That is a very tranquil piece of work

Red Rose. said...

Hi, Ruby.
I love the tranquil blue water world with twinkling bubbles on the surface.
They have something fairy in silver rings! I believe the piece of work gets bright in the light.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year,Ruby.

biebkriebels said...

Very subtile work again, like the colours and the lightdrops!

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Very pretty ....very peaceful.... I love the colors!

joanne May said...

Your wall hanging is watery and beautiful. I love the light effects you have created with dots of sequins and crystals. It really works!
There is a lovely calm feel about this piece. Simply gorgeous!

Have a wonderful Christmas, Ruby and a Happy New Year!
Jo. xx

P.S I have added you to my creative blog list! ;-)

stardust said...

Hi, Ruby! I’m so happy to see you again on this blog. What a fantastic work of art! It is tranquil and fluid. The water is shimmering and the small bubbles look like pearls between the soft ripples.

Wish you a happy pre-Christmas period and a peaceful Christmas.


sarah said...

There are many kind of blues. Nice harmony! I think When it's watched in the dark , sequins or crystals or silver paint glitter and I feel it in the deep sea.
I wish you a merry pre-Christmas period.

hannah said...

Feels familiar to me today.
Must be something in the UK air.

dritanje said...

All these beautiful blues - and light of course -
sending you love from Strasbourg,
M xx

louciao said...

Positively sparkles with light and movement. Soothing and exciting at the same time; a wonderful energy.

Anonymous said...

Beauties Ruby these sparkling work, as usual from your hand so much full of ART!
Thanks for all your nice comments on my Blogs this year, Iam glad with that;)

I wish you a nice Christmass time and a Happy new year with a lot of inspiration,

Lovely greetings,


snowwhite said...

I'm glad you came back. Many tiny lights with haloes on the pastel-colored waves! They look like beautiful water bubbles where Vernus was born. Your art work reminds me of ancient mythology.

Red Rose. said...

Yesterday,I went to a department store, which is the biggest one in Osaka prefecture.I found a beautiful big tapestry hunging on the wall while shopping. The large blue cloth with many small glass beads spreading on it was captivating me though it was an industrial art, and Ruby,that reminded me of your" light on water" at the moment! I have to say again, I love your subtle and fluid work from your hand and heart!!

I wish you good health and many adventures in 2012!

cosmos said...

Hi Ruby,

The first picture reminds me of rain drops making ripples on the water one afte another and makes me feel like I'm listening to "the rhythm of falling rain"
I like this variation of thin shade of blue hue. Glints of lights on the water must be more beautiful if I could see in person.
("in person" is the right word for this context, by the way?)

Forest Dream Weaver said...

Cosmos,photos never show my artworks as they are in reality,mostly because I use lot of sparkle which is designed to activate as the viewer moves to and fro,the camera can only ever pick up one aspect.
"In person" or "in real life" is fine!

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