Friday, 25 November 2011

Farewell to Autumn

Oak-leaved Hydrangea : Hydrangea Quercifolia.

After an unusually mild autumn,winter has suddenly appeared bringing rain, icy winds
 and snow on high ground.

Ripples on water.

I open the door.A gorgeous guest
 from afar sweeps in.In her hands are
 gifts--the gifts of hours and far-seeing
 moments,the gift of mornings and evenings,
the gift of spring and summer,the gift
of autumn and winter.She must have
 searched the heavens for boons so rare.

Abbie Graham : American writer (1889-1972).


louciao said...

Those colours and the play of light capture the essence of fiery autumn so perfectly. Their texture makes them look like leaf leather. Perhaps fairies fashion tiny gloves with them for the chill winter months ahead? The ripples spreading from the bright circle of light are a beautiful metaphor for remaining centred in the moment.
Bundle up, Ruby!

snowwhite said...

Hi Forest Dream Weaver,
I want to enjoy autumn longer, but the time when autumn says good-bye is coming. I love the shadows on the autumn leaves in your photos.
I'm still in Tokyo. Here is something wrong about temperature, and autumn leaves are so blurr. But I think whether the autumn leaves are blurr or clear, they are gifts.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Jenny Woolf said...

What lovely images. The cold wind has not yet reached us, I was amazed to be in Regents Park today and see some of the rose beds were still full of flowers. Very weird against the leafless trees, but then some of the trees still have lots of leaves. Weird, weird weather!

biebkriebels said...

We had the same unusual warm weather here and the leaves wouldn't fall down of the trees. But after a short time of frost in the nights they all went down. I love the season they change colours and you have suddenly that wonderful red and yellow trees.You made beautiful photo's of the colours.

cosmos said...

Hi Ruby,
We have unusually warmer weather here as well and leaves of some of the roadside trees in my neighbor hood were still green or brown or gone without turning autumn colors. However the season seems to be getting in full swing now.

What an interesting design on the leave, making sharp bold contrast
in natural painting! Translucent glass-like rippled water looks mysteriously beautiful.

Take good care of yourself, Ruby.

Red Rose. said...

I am glad you have posted the beautiful autumn leaves. I was wondering about you as you have not posted for a while.
The shadows on the leaves are so lovely. To see them now is our precious moment...Are they going to fall soon? Here in Nara, weather is still mild and it is the best time to see autumn leaves now.

Pet said...

Oh, your pictures are like paintings themselves!

Charlotte said...

These are beautiful, this time of year is one long string of beautiful colours, light and shapes. The pictures capture it so well.

Thank you for your very kind comment on my last post, I hope that I do have some positive effect. (We all remember the bad ones as well!).

joanne May said...

Those rich coloured leaves are stunning. I love how you have captured the sunlight on the leaf's veins. Wonderful photos!
It is really my favourite time of year because of all the colours.

Beautiful words by Abbie Graham!
Autumn Blessings,

stardust said...

Hi, Ruby, I’m happy to see you on this blog. Regarding our autumn weather, cosmos wrote exactly what I’d like to say. So, some colored leaves lack intensity of the color, but still they are beautiful.

Multicolor on one leaf is very unique. What happened to them? Is it due to mischievous sprit of nature? The shadow on the lighted leaf is symbolical, approaching winter in the glow of autumn. Ripples on icy water are so magically beautiful that I feel like I’m going to be swallowed in to another world at the bottom.

Thank you for sharing these exquisite beauties. Stay warm, Ruby.


sarah said...

Hi Ruby,
Hydrangea Quercifolia has an interesting color pattern,very lovely colorful leaves, for suddenly icy winds or snow,I wonder? Shadow makes it intricate.
The cycle of the season is indeed the gift for us. For example leaves,they change from light green,deep green,yellow,to red. I like enjoying those colors.
Thank you for lovely color.

DeeBee L. said...

The colours of Autumn are always magic!

three sea horses said...

Goodness what incredible colours!
thank you so much for your comment, it was really nice to receive it and read what you said .. means a lot.
its a lonely journey, eh! ah well..
i enjoy your images and thoughts. Tx

Anonymous said...

Hello Ruby,

Thanks for your visit to my last Blog, part 1, part 2 is published now!
What a nice photographs from the Oak leaves and the ripples, very special!
You goïng more and more in the inhouse-art while wintertime is there? Oh, your hands and head must have a talent for making beautiful things, Iam convinced about that.
Be wise and I will visit your mindness-art more than a while;)

Have a nice wintertime..

Warm greetings,


dritanje said...

Margaret has caught the colours of these leaves so very cleverly, getting the shadow to provide another range of colours too. They go so very well with the poem.
I'll be thinking of you while I'm away,
Morelle xx

Sciarada said...

This cascade of leaves with the light and colors, greeting, in a wonderful way, the autumn!

Deborah Lawrenson said...

I always love your colours and pictures, but this is quite breathtaking!

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