Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Wesak Moon

Wesak moon over Tuscany : acrylic on callico (30 x 30cm)
Photo Morelle Smith

I made this small wall hanging for my friend Morelle's birthday, which fell on the Wesak moon 2001,
the  first full moon in May.
Wesak is a Buddhist festival which is celebrated yearly at this time.

Full moon last night around midnight ,seen through cloud,behind a sycamore tree.

Madonna del Parto by Piero della Francesca : Museo della Madonna del Parto,Monterchi.
Image courtesy Wikipedia.

Farm buildings and landscape : Monerchi.village.

Ancient olive trees and buttercup fields near Arezzo.

Hill top wild flower meadow,wild orchids,thyme and buttercups : Alpi di Poti .

The orchid is Orchis morio.This information is given by fellow blogger  Henk who is a nature photographer and poet.

Insiration for the artwork came from a visit I made to Tuscany some years earlier.Over the period of the Wesak moon
we stayed in an old hunting lodge on Alpi di Poti above Arezzo.On the eve of the full moon we visited the nearby village
of Monterchi to see Piero's beautiful Madonna del Parto and on our return to the inn we were greeted by the most spectacular moon which bathed the our surroundings and the valley below in exquisite moonlight.


Anonymous said...

What a nice serie about Tuscany, it's art in his own nature. I like that region, especially arround Siena. The last photo's shows Orchids (Orchis morio).

have a nice evening,


biebkriebels said...

Your handcraft is very beautiful, I like the background with the different blue colours. The photo of the moon is great, looks like a movie-scene.

Dutchbaby said...

Your friend received a precious gift of your time and soul. The iridescent fabric showcases the luminescence of the moon. Well done!

redrose said...

Hello, Forest Dream Weaver.
I am sure your friend was glad to recieve your precious gift! It is very lovely. You have very beautiful natures. All of your images are beautiful. Especially I like the Monerchi village and Ancient olive trees and buttercup fields. So lovely!

Genie said...

Morelle will be delighted with your beautiful Wesak moon over Tuscany. Your unique art is amazing and a lovely interpretation. I just spoke with a friend who is headed to Florence and Tuscany... wish that I could go back again!


Charlotte said...

Beautiful photographs.

...louciao... said...

What a magical time, beautiful scenery, and precious memories. Your fabric depiction of the moon is stunning. You've really captured the awe that such a luminous sight inspires.

Anonymous said...

Goodmorning Ruby,

Many thanks for your nice comment yesterday and ofcourse you can use the information on your Blog, you already did I see, nice! ( small detail, 'it's photographer, you used a g').
I will try to make my poems in English, because the Google translater is not usefull for rules from a poet;), Iam sorry for that, but I'll do my best!

Have a nice day,

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

Oh Ruby, and the link from my name to my blog doesn't work, look to my name I know it's a difficult-one,

thanks ;) http://henkknibbelerdichterfotograaf.blogspot.com/

Virginia said...

Your creation is lovely. I know your friend was very pleased. Your photographs are wonderful as well. I'd love to visit Tuscany one day.....

Tammie said...

your wall hanging is quite wonderful! I can only guess that your friend loves it. Your other photos and more are lovely to see as well.

snowwhite said...

Under this mysterious moon, everything must look very beautiful. Forest is shinning and singing. The color combination of silver and metallic pink in the moon is stunning beyond words. I feel this work depicts your name very eloquently, Forest Dream Weaver.
Your friend, Morelle was very happy to have such an exquisite art.
Have a nice weekend.

dritanje said...

Yes indeed your friend was very happy to receive the Wesak Moon, thank you! And I am fortunate enough indeed to be able to look at it at any time. Your photo of the recent Moon is fantastic. and lovely photos of Italy too.
M xx

Forest Dream Weaver said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments...... and a special thanks to Morelle for sharing her gift.

Henk, thanks for your input!

Best wishes for a pleasant and creative week.

stardust said...

Excuse me for posting a comment to this rather old post. I was so moved by your art of wall hanging. The warmth as well as wonder and mystery of the moon is radiating. The moon in your photo shines over the world in the darkness.

I've been intersted in your name "Forest Dream Weaver" and wondered what dreams you were weaving when seeing your name on my friend's blog. I look forward to more dreams woven and created by you.

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