Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Rowan Blossom

Rowan blossom(2001) : acrylic paints,stitching and beads on linen (50x40cm)


 Blossom on a 100 year old rowan tree in a suburban garden.

as above

Rowan tree in natural habitat, Sma' Glen, Glen Almond, Central Scotland.

Wild  rowan , Sma' Glen, Glen Almond, Central Scotland.
Rowan tree images by Margaret

The name rowan may be derived from the old Norse word ruan.
In Gaelic rowan is coarann or Rudha-an, meaning  "the red one",possibly because of it's autumnal
red berries and foliage.

Sometimes called the mountain ash, the rowan is common in the British Isles and frequently grows high on mountain
 sides,sometimes clinging to a rock face after a seed has germinated in a crack between rocks.In ancient times rowan trees were planted in gardens and churchyards to ward off evil spirits.Today people still plant these trees in their gardens as a symbol of protection and good luck. I hope my artwork  also brings good energy to it's surroundings.


Charlotte said...

Beautiful and calming: Rowan is such a living tree providing cover and home to so many things

Anonymous said...

Very nice photo's Ruby, first your fine art and then Sorbu saucuparia in a very nice position!
Thanks for your comments. I have still a lot of problems with my comments to other members. I have Google chrome;)

have a nice evening,



Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Your color palette is rich and different from your "warm" colors of late. Love the textures and I imagine that the touch of the linen as your canvas is luxurious... Margaret's photos are quite nice.


biebkriebels said...

A wonderful art work again, you are very productive.

cosmos said...

Here in Japan, we have rowan trees called "Nanakamado"; "nana" means seven and "kamado" means oven or kiln. One popular etymology says Nanakamado burns hard so that it can't burn easily even put into kiln seven times.
Your art work is so nice and lovely.I like it.


snowwhite said...

I love your work and these quiet, pure flowers! Your work reminds me of tie-dying mainly applied to Japanese Kimono. "Rowan Blossom" is full of mysterious atmosphere as if they are blooming under the silver moonlight.
Shimmering black beads look like dews. Very exquisite!
Have a wonderful day.

redrose said...

Thank you for introducing white beautiful flowers, Rowan, and your splendid artwork. So beautiful!
I admire your profuse imaginations from natures around you. It is hard for me to think how long you spent your time for that detailed beautiful artwork!! I feel calm and good energy from your clean and green artwork through my PC screen. Rainy season has come in Japan. Have a good day!

Suzanne McDermott said...

Fantastic! Every bit of the work and presentation. So pleased I found you and thanks for the beauty!

H A R R Y G O A Z said...

Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend !

Kim said...

Your artwork is simply enchanting...so unique too! I really like how you get your inspiration from nature...and the photos of Scotland are a treat to see as well. I have always wanted to visit that land, so it's nice to see photos of it :)

...louciao... said...

Your artwork abounds with good energy!

joanne May said...

Your Rowan blossom painting is really special and lovely. I like the beads you have added to create some texture.

The Rowan flowers are so sweet and delicate.
The Scottish Glen looks like the landscape from Lord of the Rings!

redrose said...

Hello, Ruby.
Thank you for your comment, and introducing Robert Moss Blog post "Rose gate" .
He posted a lovely pink rose and his poem. I am glad that you thought of me when you read his post. To be surrounded by arts and fragrant flowers is a precious time of happiness.

I always wonder how I should explain my thank and thoughts to blogger friends and you in English,because I just restarted English after our sons became independent.
Thank you,Ruby.

Forest Dream Weaver said...

Thank you all for your interesting comments,they are much appreciated.

"Blooming under silver moonlight " sounds wonderful!

Have a lovely week!

Best wishes,

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