Monday, 8 April 2013

Snow Covered Hills

Glen Devon

Photos taken last week in Glen Devon and Strathearn, Central Scotland.

These Blackface sheep came running towards me looking for food but very quickly turned their backs when they they realized there was nothing on offer.

Officially it's Spring but there is still quite a lot of snow remaining on high ground.

Strathearn valley

Meanwhile the garden slowly awakes from Winter slumber.

Thank you for visiting.


sarah said...

It seems to be cold. But sheep look warm,wearing thick fur coats. As the pretty flowers are blooming, real spring will come soon.
Have a nice week!

biebkriebels said...

You must have had a very bad winter too. I saw the pictures on television about the snowfall in Scotland. Here we finaly have some warmer weather with 10 C temperatures now. I hardly could remember how that felt.

louciao said...

Sheep, snow, and flowers--a fun mix, as long as the snow is only in the high grounds. Loved the scenic ride. Thanks!

dritanje said...

lovely to see the flowers out. There is snow here too - but it's only on the mountain tops thankfully.
thinking of you, wishing you all the best, M xx

Boris Smola said...

Hi Ruby! I'm glad to see your new photos. The landscapes with sheep were very soothing. They looked happy being on this planet.

Red Rose. said...

The first photo really makes me smile and smile. Those sheep are so cute, but how sad it is that they knew you had nothing to give them! Funny photo!
Strathearn valley is very beautiful.
The image makes me think that I would love to be there!

Thank you for your kind comment on my latest post,Ruby.
Have a lovely weekend!

stardust said...

Hello, ruby! How cute Scottish blackface sheep are! The contrast between the first and the second image made me smile, sheep coming toward you with high expectation and leaving you. I feel cold wind which must have moved clouds fast but the sky-dyed flowers look telling spring is just around the corner. Thanks for this relaxing post. With best wishes to your upcoming spring.


Palomasea said...

So glad to see you post, dear Ruby!
The sheep are darling...
And we have snow all around, with more in the forecast...
The fresh green blades of grass are beginning to poke through...they are are we! :)
Look at the lovely flowers!
Enjoy your weekend, dear!
- Irina

cosmos said...

Hello Ruby!
Here we are almost in full swing of spring, many flowers are blooming or starting to bloom and fresh greens are so easy on our eyes.

Blackface sheep are so lovely. Laughter escaped my lips to see them turning their backs, some still grudgingly looking back :)
By this time, I think you should be enjoying a warmer weather.
Best wishes to you, Ruby.

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