Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Summer Rain

Voice above
voice of thunder
speak from the
dark of clouds;
voice below,
Grasshopper voice,
speak from the
green of plants;
so may the earth
be beautiful.

N Scott Momaday

Buttercups,clover and grasses

Grasses,buttercups and ox-eye daisies

Dock and meadow grasses.


Wild rose bushes

Wild Rose

We have had a great deal of rain this summer,much more than usual. One of the effects of course has been rampant plant growth. Wild grasses and plants appear to have almost doubled in size,however fragile blooms such as wild roses have had fleetingly short lives.

These photos were taken two weeks ago on one of the few dry days!


Red Rose. said...

Lots of rain has given you such beautiful greens and wildflowers.They are so beautiful!
Here in Japan, rainy season ended a couple days ago. Time to enjoy flowers is here.Our rainy season was also unusual this year. Unfortunately heavy rain caused floods and landslides in some local areas.
Let's enjoy our summer,Ruby!

Have a good day.

R.Ramakrishnan said...

Summer rain brings out the best in nature. Love the wild & verdant greenery and the lovely little colorful wildflowers. Thanks for sharing these lovely green images !

stardust said...

Dear Ruby,

When we listen carefully, we notice voices of earth both from above and below. Wild grasses and plants are different from cultivated ones. Even after torrential rain, they can grow higher and tougher. I like to take pictures of them and I love all the photos of yours. Summer rain is comfortable to me because only rain can soften the heat of (Japan’s) summer, not air conditioner of which emission raises the temperature outside. Your summer climate would be different from mine, so I’d say I wish sunny summer days to you.


louciao said...

So lush and green and lovely. At least the plants are happy with the wet summer weather. I can almost smell the scent of that sweet wild rose.

I opened wide my bedroom windows last night to listen to the soothing sound of a heavy rain. Much needed here to relieve the heat.

Palomasea said...

Thank you, dear Ruby, for stopping by today...
You are so right, we must first be aware...then we can change and adjust.
I thank you for bringing beautiful energy to us! :)
Those wild grasses are lovely. We finally have rain,much needed rain.
I really like that poem as well.
Wishing you a wonderful day,
- Irina

cosmos said...

A thin shade of various wild flowers harmoniously mingles with lush green and makes a pleasant atmosphere.
I remember when I first came across the word "nettles" in the first chapter of "Great Expectations". I wondered what they were like and knew they were Irakusa in Japanese. I usually pull out them in my garden but they are also a part of lovely wild plants.
Enjoy your summer,Ruby.

biebkriebels said...

I am reading your post and the rain is rattling against the windows here. It is awfull this summer. Yes, the plants are growing very fast with all the water coming down.

sarah said...

Hi Ruby,
Plants, Human or creatures need rain but not heavy rains cause disasters. I like summer rain, living in the heat island like japan.
Wild flowers in your pictures are in their best and lovely.
Enjoy Summer!

dritanje said...

ah these wonderful grasses, so many different varieties. The wild rose is particularly beautiful. I dread to think what my garden will look like when I return! xx

Forest Dream Weaver said...

I wouldn't have nettles in my garden either Cosmos but the are beautiful in their own environment.

Thank you for your comments.
Happy weekend everyone!

snowwhite said...

I have seen many times how different the luster of green become before and after rain. For me, it is a magic done by nature.
And I want to have more gentle heart to hear more voices.

Boris said...

Roses have a short but very bright life. Excellent summer photos. Yours.

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