Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest : acrylic on canvas (180cm x 120cm)

The painting does not depict any particular forest. It's a combination of elements,woods I have known,
past,present and imaginary.



Woods around Neidpath Castle, River Tweed valley,Scottish Borders.
Photo taken May 2011


Red Rose. said...

Welcome back blogging, Ruby!
I am so glad to see you and your beautiful arts again.
This is a beautiful painting. The colorful woods with the blue in the back really fit this time of year, early spring!!
Have a wonderful day!


louciao said...

Your painted forest feels like a wonderful dancing place to be, full of joy and celebration of life.

cosmos said...

Hi Ruby,
The forest grows and nurtures lives. Yes. I also feel the painting is full of pulse of life in the woods.
It's getting springlike in your part of the world?


sarah said...

Welcome back Ruby.
I'm pleased to see your work again.

I feel many vivid lines seem to be spring delight and fresh lives seem to be growing leaves.
Enjoy spring.

snowwhite said...

Ruby, welcome back! I'm so glad!!

Your forest is my ideal. I always appreciate a wide range of diversity of woods. Deciduous, evergreen, flowery, bearing fruits and more. Your forest is so colorful and home to all beings. I feel as if I could hear merry songs or sounds of them.
Sad to say, in Japan, many natural forests were converted to monotonous artificial forests after WWⅡ.
Your work is a beautiful praise and tribute to trees!!

tattina said...

A wonderful dream forest, Ruby!
The beauty of Scotland is amazing.

Joanne said...

Hi Ruby,
Lovely to see you back! ;-)
I hope you had a good break. I know sometimes it's important to have time away from the internet and blogging.

Your Enchanted Forest painting is enchanting and very beautiful with magical colours. I think you have seen a forest in another dimension with your use of vibrant colour. I was wondering if you ever meditate?

Scotland is wonderful. I love all your photos here, thanks for sharing!
Jo. x

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Ruby, it is nice to see you and your beautiful, expressive art again. I hope you are well.


dritanje said...

These lovely ethereal trees with their weaving colours. They make me think of - oh I forget his name, the Japanese animator - think,Spirited Away, also My Neighbour Kokoro - with his very alive woods, trains, cat buses, lamps...
Hope you are having a really lovely day,
Morelle xx

stardust said...

It’s so nice to see you again on this blog, Ruby. The closer I get to the painting’s details, the more clearly I see the forest. I love the color compostition and I see various kinds of trees with sparks of lives. Your forest is enchanting and is full of essence germinating for spring.


Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Beautiful glad to reconnect....& glad to know you are still painting!

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