Monday, 17 October 2011

The Bowl Reflects the Universe

The Bowl Reflects the Universe (1997) : birch twigs,wood pulp,bark shavings and gold foil.
Dimensions : 90cm wide x 60cm high.

This sculpture began life as a pile of prunings from a birch tree in my garden and a Bengali proverb,
"the pot shows the universe".



louciao said...

A beautiful vessel, representing, holdling, reflecting the universe. Ordinary in its elements, precious in its being; just like life.

Lynn said...

This is beautiful, Ruby.

stardust said...

What inspiration, what creativity, and what an interesting sculpture, Ruby! It is alive and contains universe or universe itself! I didn’t know this Bengali proverb. What I have known is: Universe or Deep Heaven is inside God/Buddha and God/Buddha dwells within the seed of the smallest flower. I suppose this is because seed gives birth to all beings. Have happy and healthy days ahead.


Red Rose. said...

Your profound inspiration of arts make me so surprised! It is very interesting sculpture.

Thank you for your heartwarming comment. I am gradually getting back my every day life. I am so glad to visit you again.Many thanks. Have a good day,Ruby!

cosmos said...

So your idea or inspiration took shape and brought wastes to life as a container or reflection or represent of universe. How nice!
Gold foils show the light or reflection or could be anything ?
Thank you for sharing your interesting work.
Enjoy autumn days, Ruby.

snowwhite said...

What a vast imagination you have! You are telling me we can see the universe everywhere if we want to see it. Your universe is just wonderful!
Best wishes,

Juan Antonio Torron Castro said...

Bonitas fotos, esta ├║ltima parecen trocitos de oro.


dritanje said...

This universe has gold flecks and stars in it! At first I thought it was sunlight, not having read the original words with due attention. Sunlight or gold it's all the same really. Now I'm thinking about ' the pot contains the universe' - the macroscosm in the microcosm, or whatever we may imagine is present in the containing pot or - the universe will always hold us as Rilke said...... lots of possibilities here
Morelle xx

Jenny Woolf said...

This is very beautiful. The golden bits are a wonderful contrast with the "naturalistic" bits but of course it reminds us that gold is also natural.
An inspired combination.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ruby,

Long time ago, but not forgotten;) Iam travelling a lot the last few months troughout the world for new
projects in photography, a heavy period!

But always visiting your Blog, so rare, so basic with elements from the nature, the colors and materials, yes i love it!

Thanks for your comments and please go on with this work, your sense of creating art..

have a nice day and week and so..



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