Saturday, 10 September 2011

Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden : Wall hanging : Acrylic paint and stitching on cotton (130cm x 50cm)




Photos by Zoe Alexander

I'm on holiday for the next two weeks,so won't be commenting until my return.


Virginia said...

What a lovely piece you have created. I love the soft blending of colors. I don't paint much but I love this technique and am always trying to achieve it!

Kim said...

Hi Ruby! Such a beautiful blend of soft colors! You certainly do have an eye for color. The fairies would love this painting. I can't help it, but it also reminds me a of a giant, puffy cloud of cotton candy too! :)

Enjoy your holiday. Hope you are going somewhere fun!


stardust said...

What soft, tender, and pleasant colors! I feel like I’m hearing laughter of fairies in the garden full of flowers where people can feel tranquility. Have a nice holiday, Ruby.


Pet said...

Wow, your pictures are wonderful!

dritanje said...

Hi Ruby,
the pictures of Duddingston are superb and your Fairy Garden is luminous. Do get in touch whenever, and all best,

Morelle xx

louciao said...

Each detail makes a lovely work of art on its own. The title of this piece brings to mind a poem only vaguely remembered that my grandmother used to say to me, beginning "There are fairies at the bottom of my garden."
I hope you have an inspiring two weeks and get just the energy you need and desire from your holiday.

cosmos said...

lovely work of art! Fairy garden must be glistened with stars or dew drops.
Enjoy your holidays, Ruby.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruby,

Have a nice and colorfull holyday, enjoy every breath you take;)

Thanks for the nice comments,



biebkriebels said...

You made beautiful pieces again! Have a nice holliday and I hope new inspirations.

sarah said...

Soft color suggests fairies are dreaming in that garden. And I like silver stars,moons?,decoration.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful inspiration.
Have a nice holiday!

Jenny Woolf said...

These are gorgeous, so romantic and colourful!

snowwhite said...

What a wonderful world fairies live in, which is filled with mellow colors!!
It looks like clouds of cherry blossoms and wisteria flowers in full bloom.
I see a lot of twinkling dust sprinkled by fairies.
Forest Dream Weaver, beautiful, beautiful!!
Best wishes,

Sciarada said...

Ciao Ruby, seems to take a dip in the universe!
Have a good day!

unrosetoinviacerreto said...

Thank for your visit.
J like your colors.

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