Saturday, 23 July 2011

A Walk in the Woods


Last week my son's springer spaniel Louis was staying with us. He likes a lot of exercise,so I took this opportunity to revisit  the woods at Rosslyn, a few miles outside Edinburgh.

The Chapel

First we pass 15th century Rosslyn Chapel,featured in the film The Da Vinci Code.Over the past 15 years the building has been undergoing extensive renovations which are due to be completed later this year.At present  it's surrounded by a high perimeter fence and although the interior is open to the public they operate a no photos policy.  However photos,history of the St Clair family who have owned it for over 500 years and much more can be seen on the excellent website.

The main doorway.

  From the studio of George Washington Wilson (1823-1893),Scottish pioneer photographer.

Chapel interior : The famous Apprentice Pillar : Postcard circa 1900.

The beautiful and intricate carvings must have looked amazing in candlelight.
The interior architecture and decoration has a Moorish look,which is not surprising given the St Clair connection with the crusades and the Templar Knights.

View of the woods from the Chapel

Off to the woods.

Louis and my dog Maddy,a springer spaniel cross.......they are not related!

 An old beech tree hosts new life.

Path to the woods.

This is an ancient mixed deciduous woodland,mainly oak,ash,elm and beech,supporting a diverse
variety of plants and wildlife.

Hawking Party with water spaniels, 16th century : image source Wikipedia.

For centuries spaniels have been used as retrieving dogs,today they are also popular household pets.
The 16th century spaniels are likely to have been white with reddish brown spots.

To be continued................................


dritanje said...

oh good, I get to write the first comment! Good to see Maddy there, taking her rightful place in the hall of fame. Rosslyn looks lovely as ever, but all credit to you for capturing its beauty in your inimitable photos of nature.
M xx

biebkriebels said...

They look very cute together and having a great walk with you. What is beautiful wood and chapel. Nice to be restored, sad they do not allow making photo's. Sometimes I don't understand, when you use no flash it doesn't harm the interior?

stardust said...

Lovely trip you’ve taken us on, Ruby! The beautiful Rosslyn Chapel is shining silver-white in your photo. Thanks to the postcard and the link you put, I understand the inside is so ornate.

The ancient woods are beautifully alive. I hear the woods of mixed trees are sustainable on their own... until nature’s cycle is spoiled by humans. I love to see Louis and Maddy running free so happily in nature.

Regarding your comment on my Tenryu-ji post, I agree with you. Feudalism or feudal lords both in Europe and Japan seem to have appeared almost simultaneously and have developed in similar ways. Castles as fortification seem to symbolize fleeting prosperity, while churches or temples, which represent people’s noble spirit soaring high, have been well maintained or reconstructed repeatedly with respect.

Enjoy your summer.

Anonymous said...

Goodmorning Ruby,

Must be a very nice walk into the fields and arround that chapel with the dogs. Lovely photo's and a smoothing landscape as always on your Blog!

Thanks for your comments on my Blog Ruby and have a nice Sunday and a good week ahead!

Beste wishes,


Kim said...

Hi Ruby...a wonderful tour as always. I agree with you, I'd love to see the castle by candlelight too. It would be like stepping back to another time.

The dogs are adorable. Spaniels are balls of energy, that's for sure!

I really enjoy seeing all the green of the countryside. Have a wonderful sunday! :)

...louciao... said...

Wow, quite the neighbourhood you live in, in spite of the fact that it's "going to the dogs."
(sorry, I'm in a punny mood).
But really, it must be quite magical to have such beautiful woodlands plus an ancient chapel full of history and mystery.

redrose said...

Hi, Ruby!
So interesting to see the ancient building, Rosslyn Chapel, full of history! Thank you for linking the website. I clicked the link and could enjoy more detailed historical photos. The Chapel interior is amazingly detailed and beautiful. The building silently tells of its long history and its surviving time as well. It is admirable to see that the chapel has been long renovated to conserve its building and its history and to safeguard the chapel’s future.

The dogs are cute. Yes, they look exciting in the woods!
Have a great week,Ruby.

Sharmon Davidson said...

What a fantastic place! Love the doggies, too!

Jenny Woolf said...

What a lovely picture of Louis, looking so keen and eager for an adventure! Interesting post.

cosmos said...

I read Da Vinci Code and saw the movie a few years ago. The memory is a bit fading but this is Rosslyn Chapel!
How gorgeous and mysterious it looks!I remember Apprentice Pillar
in the movie. Looks there're so many things worth seeing and stirring interests.

Dogs are lovely and enjoying field day.I am happpy for them,too.
Actually I was walking in the primeval forest in Nara on Sunday.

Happy holidays, Ruby.

Suzi Smith said...

Thanks for stopping by my place... a lovely wander you have shared, a special place. Spaniels are so dippy aren't they, we have a cocker... mad!

Charlotte said...

Thank you for dropping in to ChestofDelights and for the kind comments; they are much appreciated.

I love your walk and the collection of pictures. It is the places and times like these that are to be savoured.

Anonymous said...

Can you just imagine how we would react if we awoke to men wearing clothes like this in the streets. We would think it was some kind of festival. Until they we're serious and maybe we'd spend all day laughing thinking we've entered some kind of warp zone. Maybe they would be looking at us strange with our clothes. Then their so fancy dressed they may only have their self in vision. Cool or what?
Your home and surroundings are just sheer amazing!
Thank you for sharing!

tattina said...

The chapel is great both inside and outside. The nature and scenery of Scotland are full of poetry.
Very nice, thank you, Ruby.

Forest Dream Weaver said...

Thanks for visiting and for your appreciative comments.

Have a lovely week!
Best wishes,

sarah said...

Hello, Ruby.
It's nice to know you.
Your blog reminded me that I went to Edinburgh, St.Andrews some years ago with my husband. I remember that beautiful scene. Green of Scotland is light or delicate, I think. Dogs look like comfortable in it. But regrettably I could not go Rosslyn Chapel.It's so lovely.
Thank you for sharing the beautiful view.
Have anice weekend!
Thank you

Forest Dream Weaver said...

Sarah,interesting to hear that you have visited Edinburgh and St Andrews!

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