Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Summer Solstice : Twin Plant Energies and Seacliff - Part 1

Twin Plant Energies (2011) : acrylic ,with crystals and gold highlights on board (50x30cm)

Entrance cut through red sandstone rock  : Seacliff Beach, East Lothian.

Yesterday, Summer Solstice eve,I decided to visit this beautiful,secluded beach.
These days it's used for recreational activities,such as surfing,walking and bird watching, however in past times
it is more  likely to have been the haunt of smugglers,soldiers and fishermen.

View of the beach from the wooded cliff above.

Trees shaped by the wind.


Charlotte said...

The last photograph is lovely. It's the sort of picture my husband likes to take.
I love the colours in your painting, they remind me of a late evening shadow.

biebkriebels said...

It is an inspiring place with beautiful nature.

Kim said...

I love how your art is inspired by the natural world around you. I always enjoy visiting your blog. The nature photographs are gorgeous! I want to move where you live! :)


Anonymous said...

Oh Lovely Ruby, the colors and patterns, the special hand of a art-lady inspired by the nature, very rare, thank you!

All the best and a nice week!


cosmos said...

Hi Ruby,
The title "twin plant energies" is interesting. I feel energies flowing and coming out of plant.
In the last photo, it looks like soft seaweed is waving in the water.

Best wishes,

redrose said...

Good morning Ruby!
So lovely paintings!
Your first painting is reminding me of your painting posted in “Spirit of Edmond.”
The blue and white are favorites of mine. The second painting is very rare!I have found powerful energies in its silence.
In the last photo,the beach is refreshing! Is it Firth of Forth?
Have a good day!Ruby.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

From wherever you draw your inspiration it is divine... That first photo looks like an inviting doorway into the unknown... This work of yours is beautiful yet again.


snowwhite said...

Hi, Ruby!
Nature is giving us energy always. Whether people feel it strongly or not differs from person to person.
This exquisite work of yours obviously tells me your deep and much love for nature.
Water channels and shapes of the trees are formed by collaboration with nature. And this graceful work was born with collaboration of you and nature.
Thank you always, you made my day.
Have a great week!

All best wishes, keiko

stardust said...

I wish I could visit such a nice secluded beach.... in Japan, it’s almost impossible to find a beach where people are scarce during the season.

The last photo is interesting. To me, water channels look like hair of marine God as nature constantly amazes us in different
manifestation. When nature is not raging, I always feel calm energy from nature.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful art and photos, ruby. I think I should have been your follower earlier not to miss your updating.

Yoko alias stardust

Deborah Lawrenson said...

Not doing very much blog reading and commenting at the moment, but had to come on here to say how glorious the picture is, and how much I love the way it picks up the colours and shapes in the photos, especially the two beach scenes. Lovely!

dritanje said...

lovely lovely twin plant energies and the photo of water channels. The beach looks amazingly exotic! The beach where I am right now - or near where I am I should say - is so crowded with people that you could hardly lay a hankie between them. But who cares I wasn't there for the beach but for the water so lovely to be in the ocean. Thanks for comment on my blog I've no idea when I'll have time to post again.

Forest Dream Weaver said...

Tomoko, yes this is the Firth of Forth.

I plan to show more in my next post!

...louciao... said...

It's wonderful how your art work reflects the energy of the natural world. What a beautiful place to go walking--so refreshing and envigorating, yet peaceful at the same time. Makes me want to breathe deeply. I especially love the photo of the beach with the undulating marks, silvered water, and little pearl-like stones and shells.

redrose said...

Thank you Ruby!
The Firth of Forth is very beautiful!
I look forward to your next post with photos of the sea and beach!

Jenny Woolf said...

The water channels remind me of mermaids' hair.

Forest Dream Weaver said...

Thank you for your comments.

Have a lovely week!

Best wishes,

Denise said...

Your photos and artwork are very pleasing to daydream with.I'm your new follower.Please come for a visit and if it tickles your fancy stay awhile,sit,sip,a cup of joe or tea,lets talk and follow.

Lisa Erin said...

Lovely photos. I, too, find so much inspiration in nature, and photograph it every chance I get. I found you via Deborah Lawrenson's blog, and have added you to my 'following' list. Cheers!

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